Whimsey Jars-A Collage

Whimsey Jars-A Collage

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Captured Fairy Whimsey Jars!

I believe in fairies! Imagine a dense wooded glen next to a meadow of wildflowers dancing in the breeze. Bluebirds and goldfinches dart and dive overhead, sweetening the air with their trilling melodies. The sun sits low in the west, welcoming the moon. The mists of eventide roll in from the nearby river and the croaking frogs and cicadas begin the serenade of the night.

Suddenly this peaceful interlude ends when you hear high-pitched laughter! You see movement out of the corner of your eye as a splash of pink rockets behind fronds of apple-green ferns...

You have heard and seen one of God's most illusive creatures...


The following is a tutorial from Cathie Filian at "Ideas and Instruction for Living Creatively".

Capture the spirit of the holidays by creating a captured fairy vignette in a recycled jar. We designed this project for Plaid.


2159 - FolkArt ® Gems™ - Ruby, 2 oz.

4455 - FolkArt ® Fabric™ Paint - Dimensional - Glitter Night Star

493 - FolkArt ® Metallics - Bright Red, 2 oz.

654 - FolkArt ® Metallics - Amethyst, 2 oz.

661 - FolkArt ® Metallics - Sequin Black, 2 oz.

CS11275 - Mod Podge ® Glitter - Hologram Gold, 8 oz.

3 Recycled glass jars

Spray metal primer


Scrapbook paper

3 holiday clip art images (Santa; children; angels)

Scrap cardboard

Glue stick


Wings (feathers; silk butterflies; tulle; scrapbooking embellishment)

Hot Glue

Additional embellishments (pipe cleaners; printed words; stickers)

Flat nosed Pliers

Fluff for the bottom of the jar (pillow stuffing; boa scrap; faux moss)

Scrap ribbons or trim


1. Wash and dry the jars. Spray the lids with metal spray primer and allow to dry. Coat each lid with a different color of FolkArt Metallic paint (black, red, amethyst). Apply additional coats of paint until you are happy with the coverage.

2. Cut a piece of scrapbook paper to fit inside the back of the jar. Place the paper in the jar.

3. Mount your images to a scrap of cardboard using a glue stick for stability. Once dry, cut around the images, leaving a 1/2 tab at the bottom for folding and gluing.

4. Glitter the image, coat the image with a thin layer of Mod Podge Hologram Gold Glitter or FolkArt Gems and allow to dry. For dimensional highlights, add FolkArt dimensional paint in glitter colors to highlight areas of interest. For these designs, we used Mod Podge over the yellow fairy, FolkArt gems over the Santa Claus and FolkArt dimensional paint on the New Years Eve fairy.

5. Add wings by hot gluing feathers, wings, butterflies, cut paper or tulle to the back of the cardboard cutouts.

6. Add additional embellishments like: pipe cleaners, stickers, printed words, rhinestones, etc.

7. Fold the tab on the bottom of the cutout. Add hot glue to the bottom of the tab, carefully place the cutout in the jar and glue to the center bottom of the jar. Use needle nosed plies to help hold the cutout into position.

8. Add the fluff around the bottom of the jar. (the fluff will hide any glue marks)

9. Hot glue a decorative ribbon around the top if the jar.


  1. thank u!! i love this! will make 1 for my home! cheers; lia

  2. Thank you.... I plan on creating one this weekend. : )